The Best Luxury Hotel Room Amenities

Room Amenities

The Best Luxury Hotel Room Amenities

Luxury hotels are known to provide the best kind of services to travellers. They make sure their customers are comfortable in their rooms, and all their demands are fulfilled instantly. While they provide the best accommodation for their hotel rooms, they also make sure that they provide the best amenities. Almost all luxury hotel rooms have big swimming pools, best bars, and top-range vehicles for their guests. Here are some of the coolest amenities offered by luxury hotels.

Perfume & Hair Oil

The toilets of luxury hotel rooms are meant for relaxing and cleansing. They are specially designed to provide a clean and calm environment for their guests. Hotels provide skin and hair products in the washroom so that their guests can freshen up after a tiresome journey. Many luxury hotels have started offering special perfumes and hair oil as a part of nourishment and positivity.

Video Games

Now, not everyone will be fond of video games, but once you are hooked, you are hooked. You cannot help yourself to disengage from the video games especially when you are in such a comfortable environment with room service. A good WiFi connection and a gaming console can be a real-time pass on a couch after a good dinner.

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn makers have found in the luxury hotels of Malaysia and have gathered a lot of attention. Rooms have their own popcorn makers next to coffee machines. They also provide popcorn containers, which gives the ultimate theatre experience while you are in the room. You can make yourself comfortable on your bed and browse Netflix with unlimited popcorn.

Movie Library

What more do you want from a comfortable hotel room than a good collection of classics? Netflix is a thing, but the old VHS tapes are also kept to add a golden vibe to the rooms, which is hardly seen in any of the hotels.

Coffee and Books

If you are a regular traveller to a hotel or have a long vacation, you can make the best out of the books they provide in the rooms. Have a great time away from the work and people and read the best-selling books in a luxury suite with unlimited coffee and fast room service.

Toys and Games

Many hotel rooms have customized special rooms for family stays. They provide amenities for adults as well as kids. Toys and games are kept in the rooms so that the kids do not get bored staying away from home and have a fun time during the holiday even while sitting in a room.



A necessity, we can say for people who do not want to go downstairs to drink in the crowd. A minibar facility is always provided for people who just want to have time for themselves. Luxury hotels keep tiny cute bottles of the best whiskeys with a quad of beer cans ready at your arrival so you can crack open a cold one right away.

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